5 Marketing Tips Our Pets Taught Us

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5 Marketing Tips Our Pets Taught Us. We share this world with a plethora of amazing creatures, but none more so than our very own pets. Yes, yes, there’s a lot of bias there, but what can we say? We love our pets most, right? Right. 

What’s even more amazing is how they teach us quite a lot of things too. The lockdowns have given us more time together with our pets, and if you look closely, they offer their own kind of wisdom that we can apply to our marketing efforts as well.

Here are some golden kibbles of wisdom from our pets:

Be adaptable

They were used to having the house all to themselves while we worked our eight to fives, but now, we’re in the house too. All the time. Pets thrive on routine and when something changes, they notice it. Despite being a nuisance in their established routine when the world was normal, our pets quickly adapted to our presence. Marketers should always be ready for anything, may it be changes in industry trends or business direction, there should be that adaptability ready to kick in so as not to lose momentum in the business. With this kind of attitude, you can quickly bounce back from obstacles.

Be patient

Pets used to wait for us to get home. But now that that’s out of the equation, they wait patiently for snack time or playtime, cutely watching (or judging) and waiting from a corner while we tap away on our laptops. They know that this patience will be rewarded. In parallel, marketers have to be patient to see long-term growth. The rewards of our efforts will be well worth it when we exercise patience and offer dedication to what we do. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture and your patience will pay off.

Be playful

Playtime is essential for a healthy, happy pet. They love the engagement they get from us and keep coming back for more. Similarly, marketers shouldn’t always talk about business as they should provide relevant content. Sometimes that has to be a play of your usual, but that fresh take on what you’ve been routinely doing adds a zing of flavor to your marketing. Our pets’ playful behaviors make our days better, and as marketers, that element of playfulness and surprise can make a lasting positive impression on your target audience.

Loyalty goes a long way

Our pets are with us through thick and thin—and it’s not just because we feed them. Ever notice how they seem to know when you’re in need of cheering up? They’re attuned to us and give us their own kind of love and affection. Sure, they can get food from anyone, but they don’t just trust anyone who comes up to them to give them something. As marketers, it’s important to grow our customer base while simultaneously maintaining established relationships with former customers. Loyal customers stick with us when they see we love them back just as much as they love what we offer! Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to get more clients, and nothing works better than getting that 5-star recommendation from your loyal customers.

Be yourself

That quirky way you talk or how you sleep like a log doesn’t matter to your pets. They love us because when we’re at home with them, we’re ourselves. Marketers should always aim to be authentic, because that’s what customers value. Trust us when we say they KNOW when you’re just making something up. Pay attention and actively listen. Get to know your customers and find out what the like—what they need. Your authenticity cannot be copied by anyone else. When you let that shine through and when you let your customers feel that you’re being your authentic self around them, that no-filter human element intertwined with how you do business will make a world of a difference.

So take a good look at your pets and ask yourself: “What marketing tips can my cute little (insert term of endearment here) teach me today?” You might just get mind blown by the lessons they can teach you.

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