Client Spotlight – Singletree Winery

Client Spotlight – Singletree Winery
Client Spotlight – Singletree Winery. Charming. Fairytale-like. Magical. If you are ready to be taken away to a different world, trust that Singletree Winery will do that and more. Located in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, Singletree is a family-operated vineyard that brings out the best aromatic, crisp, and juicy flavors that the bountiful land of the valley offers.

However, when Covid19 hit in March of 2020, Singletree pivoted to outdoor tastings allowing traffic to continue which delighted their customers.

Surviving the first lockdown Singletree had a great summer however when the second lockdown hit in BC and now that it was winter the lack of traffic could be detrimental on the Singletree experience, its customers and its sales.

The remi360 team jumped into action and started masterminding ideas on how Singletree can continue to operate, drive sales, serve customers, and create Singletree moments. Singletree needed to be able to do private tastings allowing for social distancing and with no more than 6 people (within their personal circle).

The summer months allowed for a picnic area to serve as the solution but with the winter months and colder weather brought a new challenge that they weren’t sure the best way to achieve this, so during their monthly happenings meeting with the remi360, Bonnie Canesso, Co-founder of remi360 suggested doing domes, sharing a dinner experience she had in a rooftop dome the previous year in New York City.

Garnet and Debbie Etsell loved the idea and within a matter of weeks, they had two beautiful domes up at the winery.

Currently, Singletree has two domes which provide you your own space to enjoy that Singletree wine tasting moment.

You can choose between the Enchanted Forest Dome and the Canadian Cabin Dome. Both equally gorgeous, these Instagrammable (check out their posts at #mysingletreemoment and #singletreewine) private bubbles are situated in a lush area in the vineyard where you can lose yourselves in a sumptuous dinner for two (or up to 6, according to the current Public Health Regulations).

In the heart of Mt. Lehman, you can appreciate the beauty and tranquility of nature while enjoying carefully crafted wines. In today’s world, a little time away from everything else can be the splash of joy you need to liven things up or help calm your stresses down.

There are three packages to choose from and you can surely find one which will suit your refined preferences and bring your romantic date ideas to life.

ALL packages have five flight tastings and the variables that elevate your experience will be in-store purchase credits, a charcuterie board, and/or a 3-course gourmet takeout dinner care of Chef Adrian Beaty, owner of Food from the Farm. Lush environment, great wine, gourmet dinner––truly the stuff of movies, available for you and your loved one in just a few clicks.

After a few months of planning, upgrading technology, and preparing a marketing campaign that could support such a cool idea, Singletree was ready to launch the domes by the end of the year and the results have been NOTHING short of AMAZING.

They launched the Di Vine Domes on a Friday and the popularity and longing for something unique and fun to enjoy caused over 2600 reservations in less than 48 hours, which includes a waiting list in the thousands.

Yes, you read that right.

This is a campaign that every business dreams of, and Singletree welcomed it with open arms. The bookings were managed through remi360Online, our automated marketing platform which was customized specifically for this campaign.

With so many reservations, it would have been impossible to manage manually and deliver a great experience, but the remiOnline system made it so that Debbie was equipped to manage any amount of reservations right from the start.

As you can imagine, with so much traffic to the site, there were some minor glitches along the way, but the remi360 team was there to support and troubleshoot anything that came their way. The end goal was for a successful campaign and a client experience that delivered the perfect Singletree moment.

remi360 treats every client’s business as our own and we’ve seen firsthand how the Etsell family has poured not just time but love into Singletree Winery. It is a moment of pride for us to share this with you.

Visit today and enjoy your own Singletree Moment.

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