Should You be on TikTok? The Pros and Cons

The digital age is consistently coming up with new platforms for discovery and entertainment, TikTok being a giant when it comes to both. A lot of businesses have shifted their media strategies to include TikTok in their arsenal. But is it for your business too?

What IS TikTok relative to your business?

TikTok is a hugely popular social media app that allows its users to create and share short videos lasting 15 seconds only. The short format content lets people scroll through tons of content faster. Apart from the dance crazes and updates from famous influencers, small businesses can reap benefits from creating their own TikToks by using it as a marketing platform. More recently, TikTok has become a gateway for discovery—may it be hacks, recipes, new products, or businesses.

With TikTok’s large userbase, a lot of businesses get encouraged to tap into this platform’s power and help increase their reach and brand awareness.


Despite not being designed for traditional marketing purposes, TikTok can definitely be used as a marketing tool, and here are some of the cons:

  • Content creation – When it comes to content creation, a 15-second piece of content will suffice. There’s no need to create heavily-edited videos that span several minutes. Think of it as a micro-commercial for what you want to advertise. If your business has content which can be educational and can be used for practical purposes, showing helpful tips that can be used on the daily can be a hit!
  • Connecting with your demographic – If your demographic includes Gen Z and Millennials, you’ll benefit from being on TikTok as majority of its users are from these generations. The engagement and reach will help strengthen brand awareness and you may even form a solid audience depending on how well your content performs.
  • Brand voice – If your brand is more on the youthful and casual kind of business, TikTok can be a good platform for you. Language use can be within trends, and there is no need to be formal with your materials. You can establish a fun and approachable online persona with a TikTok account.


As with any online platform, there are cons when using TikTok as well. Here are some of them:

  • Content creation – Yes, you read that again. The algorithm appreciates consistent content uploads, so there must be some (or a lot) of effort exerted into creating TikTok-worthy content. Despite it being short, the need to have something go out at least once a day can take its toll on your assigned content creator, especially if there isn’t much content to create around your business.
  • Not really for self-promotion – If your content isn’t deemed relatable or useful by TikTok users, it may not resonate well with them and wouldn’t get much traction. Depending on the services you provide, your demographic might not be on TikTok where apparent self-promotion isn’t always taken to nicely.
  • Brand image – Because TikToks tend to be more on the casual side, you may want to evaluate whether you would like to be seen as a business that uses this platform for promotion. If there is a disconnect between your brand’s persona and your presence on TikTok, it might create a negative association instead of a positive brand image.

Keep in mind that just because something is trendy doesn’t mean it’s the right trend for you. Where TikTok is concerned, closer inspection and review of how it may serve your business and how compatible your brand is with the audience on this platform is essential when it comes to using it as part of your marketing tools.

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