3 Tips to Remember When Creating Video Ad Content

3 Tips to Remember When Creating Video Ad Content

3 Tips to Remember When Creating Video Ad Content


It is no secret at this point that video content draws in the largest audiences online, whether the content’s purpose is as a marketing tool or otherwise. On social media platforms like Facebook, video posts get more shares and drive more user engagement than all other post types—text, photos, links. In fact, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, in 2019, video content was the cause of 80% of the internet’s traffic, so it almost goes without saying that video content is heavily recommended to be used as a part of your business’ marketing endeavors.

At the end of the day, the content that goes into your video projects is up to you, but there are some vital steps surrounding video content that can get left by the wayside which risks limiting your posts’ potential reach. Here are three tips to integrate into your video ad content workflow to help your posts stand out from the crowd.


Thumbnails are the most important factor in drawing user attention to video content with the actual video title taking second place (for tips on how to create successful titles, click here). No matter your business, video thumbnails should be colorful, branded, and high quality.

Now is not the time to go artsy with a drab, black and white photo—whatever colors are associated with your brand should be present, vivid and bright. Your logo itself should be displayed but not so much as to obstruct the subject of the thumbnail. Keep the logo in the corner or out of the way, allowing it to take up no more than a sixth of the frame.

Thumbnails, as the name suggests, are small in nature. This, coupled with a low-quality photo file, could leave your audience scratching their heads trying to process what it is they are looking at. You should always aim to be uploading your thumbnail file at the highest possible resolution each platform will allow. For instance, when creating your YouTube thumbnails, you should be exporting your photos at resolution 1280 x 720 pixels—the highest quality the site allows for.


Another big contributor to getting your videos seen is making sure they show up in the first place when a user searches for them. Every piece of video content you develop should be attached with thoughtfully-selected keywords to optimize the post’s search engine optimization.

We will use YouTube as an example again (if you are not hosting your videos on the world’s most popular video-hosting platform then something may be wrong with your campaign). YouTube’s search engine is not only the algorithmic tool you are trying to appease—it also functions as a tool.

Go ahead and type into the search bar the first few words of your video’s title. Most likely, YouTube will suggest a list of auto-completed phrases based on what you typed in. Not only are these useful keyword ideas, YouTube’s auto-complete only suggests popular keywords that actual users have been typing into the search bar. If they relate to your video content, then make sure you add a few to your post’s title and add a lot to your video tags.


The majority of video content online is viewed on mobile devices, therefore, your video content should be optimized for mobile viewing.

What this means is testing the post privately on a mobile device to ensure everything is still legible and enticing even on a smaller screen. Make sure your thumbnail still stands up to scrutiny in this shrunken form and see that any and all text appearing in the video is readable without giving yourself a headache. Ideally, these tips should be considered in the planning stages of a video post.

Another thing to consider when targeting a mobile audience is the average attention span. Again, you choose the content that goes into your videos, but keep in mind that the average person watching videos on their phone is not going to sit through the same length of content as a desktop user. Video content optimized for mobile viewing is considerably shorter than its desktop counterparts.

Be sure to implement the tips you learned about in this article “3 Tips to Remember When Creating Video Ad Content”.

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