Client Spotlight: Lauren Spencer – Smith

American Idol Top 20 Finalist Lauren Spencer - Smith
Client Spotlight: Lauren Spencer – Smith

At remi360 we strive to help a wide range of businesses grow their brand while saving them valuable time that would otherwise be taken up by marketing efforts. Whether we build a marketing vignette for an industrial cleaning company or a licensed insolvency trustee, we tailor our content production and marketing automation to suit each client’s unique needs — even if the business is made up of just one person.

Lauren Spencer-Smith comes to mind.

A rising superstar of Western Canada origin, this 16-year-old singer was rapidly gaining fame after a video of her singing in the car went viral. While Lauren’s popularity was growing, her brand and career as a star needed shaping — a task she couldn’t tackle alone. The remi360 signal was in the sky, and we answered the call!

Our team at remi360 hit the ground running with Lauren Spencer-Smith’s marketing campaign. We built her a professional website, designed her merchandise, put her on a social media posting schedule, and set her up for her future career by solidifying her identity as a brand. We positioned Lauren in such a way to make her enticing to large outlets like American Idol, in which she competed and ended up as one of the top 20 contestants (not to mention the only Canadian)!

Post American Idol, the JUNO-nominated singer has been swamped with radio interviews along with her online coaching of other singers through Artists and Beyond. As she patiently waits for borders to reopen so that she can work on recording her first original album in Los Angeles, Lauren is keeping her followers engaged by performing virtual concerts online! She is now gearing up for her next performance in Beyond Hollywood Festival, set to kick off Saturday, August 8 at noon EDT!

Through powerful brand refinement and a recognition of Lauren’s growth potential, we sent this young performer on her way to a career of stardom.

“No one in my family really honestly even listens to music that often or plays an instrument, like literally nobody, so it’s kind of just weird. I just always heard songs on the radio and I was just really drawn to it,” she said.

“Just from hearing music, I had a special kind of connection with it.”

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For more information about Lauren Spencer – Smith visit her website.