Client Spotlight: Skating Success

In this Client Spotlight we are featuring Skating Success.
In this Client Spotlight we are featuring Skating Success.

Incredible results. This is something both Remi360 and Skating Success strive for and deliver. In this fast-paced and ever adjusting world, we continuously find ways to help you grow your brand effectively and efficiently.

You may be in the real estate industry, cleaning industry, or even in the world of sport… whichever niche you find your business belongs to, Remi360 has a complete range of tried and tested marketing solutions for you. We take pride and pleasure in polishing the fine details which will help your business soar.

Or glide––on ice, and online.

The recent global climate has pushed a lot of businesses in various directions, resulting in struggles when it comes to bringing in new clients and growth opportunities.

We don’t let anything discourage us from helping you spread your word and your passion to the ears and hearts of those who need it. Skating Success is one such company we’ve helped achieve transition to a seamless virtual experience allowing them to conduct their Master Class courses online.

Testament to their topnotch turns and spins, Skating Success determined how pivoting to an online membership for their Master Class courses was the next move they had to make.

Remi360 doesn’t shy away from challenges, and we built their membership site where skating coaches can gain easy access to the Master Class courses offered by Skating Success.

Learning doesn’t have to stop in the rink and for coaches in particular, keeping that fire burning and quenching that thirst for knowledge can make a world of a difference when they find themselves back on ice.

Skating Success offers a unique technical and performance coaching system that provides Master Class experiences for both coaches and athletes. They make use of a highly-specialized training methodology which was developed by Ben Ferreira, a legend in Men’s Figure Skating scene, and world-famous choreographer Jadene Ferreira, who is one of the most in demand coaches in Figure Skating.

Together with Olympic Coach, Steffany Hanlen, these three masters of their art co-founded Skating Success to make their one of a kind and immersive seminars available for coaches and skaters.

It may all sound technical and daunting, but we made it easy for our client and theirs to present and access the value offered in their Master Class courses. Their three courses: Axel Course, Edges and Turns Course, and Spin2Win Course are available online at

Whoever views their website easily sees a summary of what to expect from each course. Each course has been designed in a simple format which coaches can easily come back to again and again on their quest for coaching excellence. With the option to get in touch with Skating Success right on their home page.

This online presence has enabled Skating Success to continue fostering a love for skating for those who want to excel in it.

Here’s what one of the coaches had to say:


“Purchasing the Axel Course was a great investment for my coaching tool box. It has been a wonderful resource for teaching the Axel and for problem solving; a tool that I can refer back to at any time.”

—Gina Belich


We have your business’s best interests at heart and we treat each of our clients as if their business is our very own. This is the remi360 way.

Allow us to give you what we’ve given Skating Success and other businesses we’ve helped and are continuously helping grow. We make marketing simple. Book your FREE 27-minute consultation today.

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