Curated Marketing Just for You—the remi360 Way

Looking to the future, technology is constantly developing more and more solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs. When it comes to digital marketing, constantly changing algorithms, platforms, and trends make it hard to keep up. On top of that, more and more tools aimed towards making things easier for business owners are popping up—making just selecting which one is right for you a task in its own right.

At remi360, we believe that throughout all of the fast-paced technological advancements, one thing has proven (time and again) to be an important—if not the most important—factor when it comes to marketing and growing ANY business: client retention.

Once Upon a Time, the More Leads, the Merrier…

This one’s a classic: The more leads you have, the better for your business. While it is, to a certain extent, true, your leads are only as good as the number of conversions they end up being.

Although it is important to get to your audience and secure your spot in the niche, it is equally important to maintain a wonderful relationship with your customers. This is one of the many things we can help you with. Our team of seasoned experts will come up with strategies to help you secure your spotlight and be the best in your niche while simultaneously coming up with innovative solutions that will help you retain your clients!


Retaining Your Clients with remi360

Running a business is like juggling, and keeping all the balls up in the air can be a struggle! But not when you have us by your side. From planning your campaigns to successfully and continuously executing them, we’ll be there to help you scale your business while you can focus on doing what you love most.

We treat your business as if it is our own—giving it our utmost care and attention! We make it our business to know your vision and goals in order to make it happen. With this in mind, we come up with creative solutions made especially for you based on what works for your business and your audience. We do this with our suite of marketing tools including our very own CRM, remi360online that features the latest AI integrations to support your business. Furthermore, we come up with delightful exclusive offers and campaigns that speak your lingo and breathe your brand. You can rest easy with our team by your side!


Client Acquisition Over Lead Generation

In an interview for Forbes, Sandra Martini, founder of The Martini Way LLC said, “Clients will stay longer and refer more often when a business consistently shows they understand them and optimizing marketing tech, such as a customer relationship management (CRM) system, is a scalable way for businesses to do just that,” and we know from experience that this is true.

A close understanding of your business made possible by the latest technology coupled with our team’s experience is a potent combination when it comes to marketing success. Not only do we help you find new clients, we find ways to make your existing clients to love you even more, ultimately leading to referrals and a stable cycle of growth.

You can be free of the technical struggles that come with meandering through the ever-changing marketing scene. We’re here to take care of that for you while helping you establish an even stronger footing in your field. With the latest tools, seamless integrations, and years of experience in marketing in various niches, we will come up with bespoke ways to help you become your client’s go-to brand in whatever field you’re in.

Book a discovery call today and we’ll work hand in hand to find creative and effective solutions for you.