Digital Advertising Trends to Watch Right Now

We understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by all of the many different advertising options out there. We know you know you need it, but which one is the best for scaling your business?

remi360 takes the stress out of figuring which platform to reach out to your audience on, creating content to engage with potential customers, and analyzing data from various information funnels you have set up for your business. To make it even easier for you, we’ve summarized the advertising trends you need to watch out for right now.

1. Shorter video ads – Let’s face it. Gone are the days of 3-minute commercials or even longer 10-minute YouTube content. Yes, content creators still make 10-minute videos but for a completely different reason (YouTube requirements on monetization, etc.)! For your business, your video ads should be short, punchy, and packed within a couple of seconds. May it be a 15-second Reel or TikTok, the shorter your video ads are, the better for your reach and engagement.

2. Ditch the audio – You read that right. Sixty-six percent of people say they hate when an ad they cannot see suddenly starts playing on a webpage somewhere—especially when it plays on full blast. Make a better impression by ditching the sound and appealing to the senses with enticing captions and visuals instead. Animations, text in videos, and catchy graphics work well!

3. Reward ads – This type of ad capitalizes on mobile games (which rose during the pandemic) and in-game ads. Instead of just blasting an ad full screen mid game and randomly, ads are placed at strategic stop or save points in the game and users are asked to view ads which will earn them rewards they can use in the game. This incentivization helps businesses gain exposure—for as much to a minute sometimes!

4. Authenticity on social media – Users today are ever more clamoring for authenticity on social media, so much so that they trust average people more than they do brands themselves. In classic marketing terms, this is a fine example of how “word of mouth” still holds a lot of magic into making it happen for your business. Apart from engaging captions which are relevant to your product and consumers, testimonials and referrals in form of tagged photos and comments help consumers see how wonderful your products or services are in real life. Coming up with unique brand hashtags and a strong community of clients can help you achieve this when they tag you on their social media posts.

5. Brand advocates – Relative to the authenticity mentioned above, a lot of brands now leverage employees as their very own brand advocates. Instead of hiring or collaborating with influencers, a more authentic message is sent (and received!) by your target audience when they see how engaged, fulfilled, and into their own jobs your employees are. This appeals to the idea (and fact, we believe) that when employees are fulfilled in their workplace, it must be a good brand! Happy employees signify a great workplace, and in turn, a great brand that cares about the very people who help them grow on a daily basis.

 With these insights in mind, we’re here to help you create ads and content that your target market won’t skip when they come across you on their devices.