Google Ads and Negative Keywords

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Google Ads and Negative Keywords. When you’re looking to get more leads online, getting noticed is good, the goal however is getting high quality leads and by implementing this tactic you can achieve this goal.

One of the most common and effective ways to get exposure online is by having Google Ad Campaigns. A lot of businesses do it, but Remi360 is here to help you do it right.

We won’t just get you the ad exposure you need, we’ll help you not lose money while you’re at it.

Maximizing Where Your Ad Investment Money Goes

Google makes money from every click anyone on the internet makes on your ad––wherever it’s shown. Sounds good, right? Not necessarily.

Your ads are listed and given exposure based on the “broad search category” that Google predetermines for the type of ad campaign your business has. This means your ad gets exposed to every possible related category in your niche, which means your ad gets seen by people who are not necessarily the kind of lead you are looking for.

Additionally, Google associates search terms and longtail keywords that people (Google believes are relevant in relation to your target keywords) search, and then they become part of your feed. You find that if not managed correctly, this will erode your budget and as a result, you will be paying for search terms that have nothing to do with your business and bare no fruits or value to you whatsoever.

A great number of impressions, and subsequently, clicks, doesn’t always mean a great amount of qualified leads. You want your ad to be relevant and visible to the people you want to be seen by.

This is where negative keywords come in.

Filtering out negative keywords helps ensure your ad campaign produces more potential and qualified leads. A highly-targeted campaign is marked not just by knowing what to target, but what not to target as well, and you have the ability to filter that out!

Here are the main benefits of using negative keywords:

Filtering out Your Negative Keywords in Your Google Ad Campaign and ultimately cleaning up the search feed. This will not only result in an improved search feed, but also in higher quality leads, whilst also mitigating the cost per click and provide you with an overall improvement to your ROI. 

So in summary your benefits are:

  • Improved ROI
  • Higher Quality Leads
  • Improved Search Feed, which improves your overall ad management

Here’s how to filter out those negative keywords:

  1. On your Google Ads main dashboard, scroll down and go to “Search Phrases”
  2. Click on “Manage All”
  3. On the very right side of the new set of options that would appear, turn off the “Status” of your negative keywords. Remember, these are the search phrases you don’t want your advertising budget to spend money
  4. Go through the list of Search Phrases and turn off the negative keywords which are irrelevant to your campaign, in one of three ways.
    1. Exact Match – Negative Keyword
    2. Phrase Match Negative Keyword
    3. Broad Match Negative Keyword

Think of sorting your negative keywords as a ‘boost to your ROI’ by cutting out unnecessary expenses. Those clicks can add up.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of keywords in any business listing online. Filtering those negative keywords is a never-ending journey which requires daily management by a Google advertising specialist.

Remi360, is on a mission to help small businesses avoid losing money and we do this by making your marketing measurable, effective, and more cost efficient. Helping you with your negative keywords is just one of the many ways we do that. Get in touch for your consultation today!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article “Google Ads and Negative Keywords” and if you have any questions or you’d like to schedule a Discovery Call, simply CONTACT US. 

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