How Google My Business Improves Your SEO

Despite the many changes when it comes to technology and website design, one thing remains: SEO works—with or without paid ads supporting it! SEO is still king when it comes to driving organic traffic to your website. What some businesses forget, though, is using Google my Business to improve your SEO. At remi360, one of our goals is to demystify the complexities of marketing for you so you can focus more on doing what you love—your business and everything about it! This is why we’re here to share some insider secrets about Google My Business.

Why You Should Maximize the Use of Google My Business

First and foremost, it’s FREE. On top of that, it’s an official business profile on the world’s leading search engine. It never hurts your business to use free resources that can add to your online presence. Both online and offline, there are lots of competitors, and we want your business to stand out. Google My Business allows you to do that. With minimal effort, you give your business a digital business card saying, “Google recognizes my online presence!” and this matters to your potential clients. This simple online presence gives your business the additional credibility some of your other competitors may not have bothered with!

Further to the above, you increase your business’s discoverability with a Google My Business profile. Every month, the average business is discovered through around 1,009 searches, only 16% of which are direct searches. This means as many as 852 of those queries are discovery searches! Imagine tapping into that additional source of impressions and click-throughs, right?

Your business also benefits from being listed on Google’s very own business directory tool—a web of interconnected data points that helps expose your business to more potential clients. By using Google My Business in line with your other SEO strategies in place, you successfully:

  • Improve visibility, especially through local connections
  • Connect with even more new audiences
  • Get insights on customer behavior

Pretty neat for a profile that comes at no extra cost, right?

An Extension of Your Website

Having your website gives you an online presence and we’re all for it. We gladly help our clients achieve the website of their dreams to best represent their brand’s voice and mission. However, Google My Business is an invaluable addition to your business’s online arsenal. How so?

Your profile comes with several nifty features potential clients can use even before they get to your website. This helps pique their interest and turn these leads into people who click through to your website and services. These “tools” include:

  • Buttons for your contact information
  • Directions to your business
  • Business hours
  • Updates
  • Services
  • Button for quote requests
  • Reviews
  • Images

These little things arranged in handy snippets are essential to get the attention of today’s consumers, and we suggest you maximize these as much as possible. When someone searches for a cleaning service needing a quote, whom do you think a client would pick: the one with just the business name listed or the one with the “Request A Quote” button that makes getting the information they need so much quicker? Google My Business adds a layer of intuitive customer service that’s like the cherry on top of your website.

We believe that you don’t have to struggle as a businessowner and this is just a little preview of the insight we can offer. By providing you with proven marketing strategies and insights, as well as measurable results, we can help you scale your business. Whether it’s setting up your Google My Business account or giving life to your website, we’ve got you covered. Schedule your 27-minute discovery call so you can get started today!