Pandemic Pivot for Your Business

Pandemic Pivot for Your Business

Pandemic Pivot for Your Business. Business owners from all categories have experienced a multitude of challenges because of the pandemic. Adjustments had to be made––are still being made, and tried and tested strategies are being shaken. When faced with an adversity we’ve never experienced before. It is imperative to make agile and smart business decisions.

This can help your business not just stay afloat but do well in such trying times.

Marketing in the time of COVID has created a divide between winners and losers. Let’s face it. What used to work and what we used to rely on to deliver results are no longer working the way they used to. Because of the changes brought about by the pandemic you may find yourself asking these questions:

  • Should I be marketing myself?
  • Should I be growing my business
  • Is it even worth it?

Our answer to this is to yes—you should never let a good crisis go to waste. A lot of businesses spend time on growing and evolving their business even before the pandemic hit and this should not change just because of it. While it is true that daily operations and pandemic-related challenges make it difficult to conduct business as smoothly as you used to, it is not a reason to give up.

This is where employing a pandemic pivot comes in. The pandemic has given you this opportunity to level up in ways you didn’t have to think of before when everything was still working using established business strategies. You and your business can become so much more.

The top reason why business owners don’t make the shift is that they get shut down and they don’t know where to start. We can help you plan your transition from being an offline business to an online business. Do not think it’s a BIG SWITCH. The future of your business is a hybrid. What it is now—offline—and some version of it online.

Here’s an example:

Skating Success is one of the clients we have featured in our blog’s client spotlight. They took an offline business which used to be conducted on skating rinks and transformed it to an online/e-commerce business by offering courses online. Now, think about what you can do to your business and make changes to make it pandemic proof.

How can you take your business and put it a little bit of it more online than offline so as not to rely on offline sales?

We helped Skating Success accomplish this pandemic pivot and propel their business to success and stability even during the pandemic, we did this through our Remi360 Online Platform. We helped them build online programs and courses to generate recurring revenue.

What’s great about this is that we have helped them operate and make profit while not requiring a retail location and only making use of digital space. By creating online information programs you can sell digitally and doesn’t rely on physical location or retail traffic, you can have recurring revenue as well. Ask yourself how you can do that for your business, and

Our 2021 game plan is to help you execute it. Our goal is to help businesses get online to create a hybrid business model.

This will help make them become a little more pandemic proof by executing pandemic pivots. This may be the first pandemic you experience, and this may not be the last. By thinking ahead and preparing for the next time.

We are able to make our businesses now become more resilient businesses in the future.

Have a look at our client spotlight blog for more success stories, and book your 27-minute discovery call so we can lead the way to successful pandemic pivots for your business.

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