SEMrush vs Yoast SEO

Semrush vs Yoast SEO
SEMrush vs Yoast SEO, the top ranked SEO tools for Digital Marketing in 2020.

Standing out from the competition is a concept that is acknowledged yet rarely understood by most businesses today. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a buzzword since the late ‘90s, and while a vast majority of businesses implement it, very few actually work to perfect it. From the onset, different SEO functionalities were put in place to serve the needs of each client; some wanted to see how their pages compared to their competition, others wanted basic analytics — each SEO program served more or less a single purpose.

Today, SEO tools largely remain the same, however, what is distinguishing the best of the best from the rest of the flock is how much of an all-in-one system they can provide. In the lead at neck and neck, here are our two finalists for 2020’s Best SEO Tool…

But who will be the winner? Semrush vs Yoast SEO…


Yoast assumes one thing from your business’ website: that it has WordPress integration, and in 2020, with all the advice towards owning a blog, it should. It offers an all-in-one plugin to implement everything from keyword optimization to duplicate content checks to greatly bolster your site’s efficiency and readability.

While the Yoast plugin can be obtained for free, an $89USD paid version will net you internal linking suggestions to disperse your visitors to all corners of your website, content insights to show the five words or phrases you use the most on each of your pages, and access to their 24-hour support — all of which we would recommend.

Visit Yoast’s site to learn more.


As opposed to a WordPress plugin, SEMrush is a traditional web-based SEO platform and a robust one at that. It presents itself as an all-in-one marketing toolkit and it means what it says. SEMrush’s features cover every notable step of the SEO process while also delivering a wide range of tools for content marketing, social media, and market research.

Unlike Yoast, SEMrush does not offer a free version, but we can’t even blame them. At $99.95USD as a monthly subscription, being able to audit up to 100,000 website pages a month is a steal. While the fact that SEMrush operating off of a subscription model needs to be taken into account, the reality is that, even at its most basic plan, SEMrush brings the heat in its number of utilities. With the allowance of 50 social media profiles, the ability to generate 3,000 reports of domain and keyword analytics a day, and track up to 500 keywords also updated daily, we don’t predict any users ending up feeling swindled.

Visit SEMrush’s site to learn more.

Both Yoast and SEMrush are powerful tools that will help you perfect your business’ SEO, but with its complete workflow of the entire SEO process from start to finish, the gold medal of 2020’s Best SEO Tool has to go to SEMrush. It is because of this workflow streamlining that SEMrush tackles so elegantly that we as a marketing agency integrate all our clients with the platform. We have yet to find a better toolkit to set our clients up with SEO success.

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