Sometimes Your Service Is Your Brand

On a recent trip to Florence, Italy, my cousin and I stumbled upon a hidden gem that perfectly exemplifies how exceptional service can define a brand. This experience reinforced the notion that sometimes, your service is your brand.

One early morning, while exploring the charming streets of Florence, my cousin discovered a boutique with stunning bags displayed in the window. Although it was too early for the shop to be open, she knew I was on the lookout for a unique bag and snapped a photo to send to me. As soon as I saw the photo, I was obsessed! The bags were exquisite, and I knew I had to have one. However, the shop had no signage, so we decided to return later when it would be open.

Eager to see the bags in person, we made our way back to the boutique during regular business hours. To our delight, the boutique was open, and we were warmly greeted by the owner and designer, Alessandra. We soon learned that the boutique was called Tanguro, and everything was handmade by Alessandra herself in the studio at the back of the shop.

The experience was made even more special by Alessandra’s sweet dog, Pepperoni, who accompanied her to work. As dog lovers missing our own furry friend, Pepperoni’s presence was a delightful bonus.

Alessandra’s boutique was not just about the beautiful bags. She also created unique and stunning jewelry. What surprised us the most was her impeccable English, a rare find in such a small boutique tucked away on a side street. Alessandra’s warm welcome and genuine appreciation for our visit made us feel right at home.

She took her time showing us different styles of bags and sharing her creative process. I was torn between two bags, but after much deliberation, I found the perfect one. As I was about to pay, a gorgeous ring caught my eye. It matched my new bag perfectly, and I couldn’t resist. When I went to pay for the ring, Alessandra gifted it to me as a token of appreciation. Her kindness and generosity were truly touching.

My cousin, equally captivated by Alessandra’s creations, purchased a necklace but couldn’t stop thinking about one of the bracelets. Though she decided to leave with just the necklace, she kept talking about the bracelet. Before we left Florence, I sent Alessandra a text, asking if it would be possible to come by again to purchase the bracelet. To our amazement, she opened her boutique just for us. This personal touch and willingness to go above and beyond is what sets her brand apart.Alessandra’s boutique, Tanguro, is a shining example of how exceptional service can define a brand. Her dedication to her craft, her warm and welcoming nature, and her willingness to accommodate her customers’ needs are what make Tanguro truly special. Sometimes, your service is your brand, and in Alessandra’s case, this couldn’t be more true.