The Podcast Guide

remi360 podcast guide
We present the Podcast Guide: Podcasts are all the rage in marketing today, and for good reason. It is one of the tools you can maximize the use of while growing your business and speaking about what you love. When establishing an online presence, giving your audience different forms of media can help you pique their curiosity and make them stay on your site longer. Let’s face it––not everyone has the time or patience to read a blog article. While SEO blog articles are great to bring potential leads to your site, you may capture the attention of your site visitors more by letting them know you have a podcast they can listen to.


So, how do you get your brand’s message across? Here are the factors to consider when starting a podcast:


Podcast Length


This is rather tricky, but stay with us on this… Your podcast should be as long as needs to be without being any longer. Don’t let the concept of “having an ideal podcast length” get in the way of how much you want to say. Remember that you have the option to edit out rambling or repeated information where needed, and that as long as your podcast offers value, your listeners will stay tuned.


The Right Format


Here’s something where a bit or a lot of your style can come through. Some of the most common formats are: interviews, scripted non-fiction, news recap, and educational podcasts. Consider which one you are most comfortable with––and remember you can have more than one at a time depending on the situation. News recaps are great for summarizing news within your niche. Educational podcasts offer more on teaching your audience something new to them. Scripted non-fiction has a more structured flow on the topic being discussed, while interviews feature a host and a guest talking about a certain topic. Find the one that suits your topic or style best.


Recording Equipment, Software, and Technique


Make your podcast a pleasure to listen to by investing on a quality microphone for recording. One with noise reduction properties can help make you sound crisper. Furthermore, practicing some voice modulation and controlling those sharper “P” or “S” sounds and being mindful of mic placement can do the trick. Audio editing software is also useful, and can either be free or paid


Podcast Artwork


Just like a YouTube thumbnail, first impressions for podcasts can come from your podcast artwork. Your artwork must be able to visually convey what your podcast is about while making the viewer eager to find more. Tease them with a nice visual with just a couple of words to leave them wondering. Choose enticing colors which don’t clash but has a nice visual pop to it. Lastly, design your artwork in different sizes so you can display the right one across all of your social media platforms without any part of your image getting cut. Pro tip right there! Gives you a nice polished look everywhere.


Getting Listed


A lot of podcast listeners make use of platforms to listen to various podcasts. Some of these include Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Buzzsprout, and even YouTube. By being listed on these platforms, anyone who searches for something related to what you are offering will be seeing your podcast. For Buzzsprout in particular, you can record several podcasts in advance and schedule when you’d like to make your episodes available for listeners.




You’ve done your recording, you have your artwork, you’re ready to go. How do you let people know? Let’s call the two methods “the grand opening” and “the soft opening”. The grand opening is when you announce your podcast’s launch date––on your social media, through friends or family, or your email list weeks ahead. You build a hype around the date, dropping little hints along the way. The soft opening is letting people know about your podcast a day or two before your launch. This is like a quieter approach, where you can even start posting content without anybody listening yet.


These may all seem like work, and truly, it can be. That is what Remi360 is here for. We can take care of your artwork, your listing, your launch planning––making the podcast experience a smoother one for you. Visit today and download your FREE Podcast Guide.