Turkey BBQ and Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving 2021 with Fires Alive

Turkey BBQ and Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving 2021 with Fires Alive - remi360 September Blog
Turkey BBQ and Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving 2021 with Fires Alive. The attitude of gratitude is the core of Thanksgiving and we, at remi360 are proud to be in partnership with Fires Alive. Among the experts who run the business, they have over 100 years of experience in the industry combined!

Once in a while we love to feature our amazing clients and their stories and how they add value to the world. Fires Alive is just that type of business which has done everything in their power to help the world get through this pandemic. How you might ask? With BBQ!

Outdoor living experiences have been critical to Canadians to help us cope with the pandemic.

Remi360 has been helping Fires Alive spread the word by taking care of their social media as well as advertising their wide range of high quality fireplaces, BBQs and outdoor products.

We at remi360 love helping local businesses stop the grind and regain their time!

The past two years have been undeniably challenging for people all over the globe, but there is still so much we are thankful for and events to look forward to. This year, apart from celebrating the harvest during Thanksgiving dinner, we celebrate new beginnings as well.

Ever think about barbecuing a turkey!? Keep reading…

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and a turkey BBQ might be just what you need to shake up your traditional dinner. You can check out the Fires Alive open showroom at 163 Lansdowne Street E, Peterborough. You can view top of the line BBQ brands like Napoleon Prestige and Traeger Ranger among other in-stock equipment.

Thanksgiving dinner isn’t complete without turkey. Roasting is the traditional way to do it, but why stop there when there’s a world full of flavors to explore? At remi360 we believe in getting creative so we recommend you BBQ your Turkey! This is one way to incorporate lasting flavor to your thanksgiving meals—on the day and after. That smoky flavor from grilled food develops over time, and you can use the grill for reheating purposes too. Fires Alive has a grill size and type for every need and level of grilling experience that will make Thanksgiving dinner preps even more enjoyable.

Other grilled dishes you can consider adding to that feast table include the easy to prepare bacon-wrapped Brussels sprouts or perhaps some smoked salmon. Canada is known to have an abundant supply of fresh salmon and it is all but fitting to add this to the table. Here are some flavorful secrets you can try out when you grill: if you’re a fan of smoked flavors, experiment with the wood you’ll use as charcoal.

Ever barbecue or smoke a pumpkin pie? Keep reading…

You also don’t have to limit the use of a grill to just grilled food––roast a bit of that pumpkin before you puree it for your pie. Trust us, it will add a depth of flavor to every bite. This is where the Traeger brand of smokers work their magic!

From traditional outdoor charcoal grills to sleek and modern indoor grills, Fires Alive has them. If you’re not too outdoorsy, no problem. Their infrared grills can complement or be the main attraction of any kitchen. If you’re worried about the grill being too big, they have compact grills which can still be a crowd pleaser and grill over 20 burgers at once! Fires Alive only sells premium, high quality brands that promise longevity. Their high-performance and long-lasting grills will definitely get you excited to try as many dishes you can imagine possible on a grill.

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