What’s New in remi360online?

What’s New in remi360online?
What’s New in remi360online? Our system and the platform are constantly changing, and definitely for the better. One of the things we’re proud of here at remi360 is you don’t need several systems to achieve your marketing and business goals.

We’ve already identified what applications your business needs to reach peak efficiency, and we’ve integrated it all into this one amazing and versatile app. All these we’ve made possible by focusing on two things all the time:

  1. Creating more and more features to add more and more value to the platform. You no longer need to download multiple apps and worry about figuring out how they work. We’ve already handpicked the best tools for you and integrated them flawlessly within our system.
  2. Simplifying usability and removing friction as much as possible. We believe in focusing your attention on what you love doing, and removing the stress caused by unnecessary friction from tasks.

We aim to innovate to invigorate your business and we’re so excited to share these upgrades with you!

User-Friendly Email Builder

Our brand new email builder not only increases ease of use, but adds more capability and flexibility in delivering your messages. It strips away the technicality so you can focus more on your creativity! Take advantage of the new email templates, and the now friendlier drag-and-drop feature. You can even customize your emails by adding your own footer and incorporating your social media links. How cool is that? Plus, this new email builder has also fixed issues with Outlook emails.

Bulk Requests Made Easy

Sending the same email and SMS message to a bunch of contacts is now made easier and faster with a single click of a button. Unlike our old system where you had to go to the Marketing menu to set up your Bulk Request separately, now, you can execute it straight from your Contacts.

You can simply filter your contacts based on tags and click on a button which allows you to drop them all into your desired campaign. You can even schedule when you want your Bulk Request to take effect. The functionality is somehow the same but the process of sending your emails and SMS messages (or both) to your designated mailing list has gotten a lot easier, and it all happens in one place. No more switching from one tab to the other.

Let’s Go Build a Survey

Surveys are another tool to gather important information from your target market. We have been successfully using our new survey builder for our clients who need to get client feedback.

What did they like?

What can we change?

What can we improve?  

These are all important questions to gather useful insights from your clients, and our survey builder allows you to craft your very own survey to get the exact type of feedback you need to improve on what you offer.

It’s also handy in filtering out your prospects from your suspects by using the features that automatically qualify or disqualify them based on their answers. This new survey builder is really easy to use, and a nifty addition to the forms that you can add on any landing page or website.

Chat with a Widget

The chat widget is an all new channel in which you can communicate with your audience. They can click on your chat widget and it seamlessly integrates with remi360online. When people get in touch with you via chat—may it be on mobile or on their computer—you can capture their information and it goes straight under the Communications tab in remi360online.

One of our customers even managed to get nine new leads who wanted to become customers just from the chat widget in a span of 24 hours upon activation! This is a phenomenal lead capture tool to build and maintain relationships with leads and existing clients.

And you know what’s more mind-blowing about our chat widget? It doesn’t even need someone to moderate your chats or to receive customers! It gives you the option to move the chat conversation from your website or landing page to an SMS exchange between you or someone from your team.

How this works is your lead can open the chat online, leave you a question and their phone number, and from there, notifications will be sent to you or a member of your team and you can quickly log in to the system only when needed to promptly address someone’s questions.

What’s more, advanced settings like triggers, automations, and customizations can be put in place so you can keep interacting with your audience even when you’re away. Just let our team know and we can help you set up what works for you.

There you have it! Your new tools in your arsenal to achieve your business goals. Just as we are constantly finding and implementing ways to fine-tune your experience with remi360online, we’re confident that you’ll find these additions to be indispensable as you continually find new and creative ways to elevate your business processes—from lead generation, to operations, and eventually marketing!

As always, we want to ensure that you get the most out of your online presence and do more of what you love with remi360online.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article “What’s New in remi360online?” If you have any questions or you’d like to schedule a Discovery Call, simply CONTACT US. 

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